With Hans Buch, you only need one supplier to handpick all your requested components for your unique applications for Automation & Robotics.

Handpicked components from some of the world’s leading suppliers

Hans Buch has a large program of technical solutions from some of the world’s leading producers and manufacturers of components for applications within Automation & Robotics.

Hand-pick, put together and combine to suit your unique application with suppliers who, in each field, are some of the world’s market-leading developers of components that contribute to increased automation or fully automatic applications. Below you will find three examples that you can supplement your applications with.

Safe operations with signalling

Constant vigilance with eye-catching and audible lighting and signalling from Qlight is a suitable contribution to the safety of your critical work functions and work areas.

Signal tower lights, signal beacons and sounders are easily adapted to your applications with modules that can be scaled according to your needs.

Extend operational hours with industrial fans

Continuous cooling of your applications reduces downtime and increases the productivity of your automated processes. Hans Buch’s range of industrial fans is a suitable supplement, which with continuous temperature regulation ensures that operations are maintained.

Our industrial fans from MOTRAXX are available in axial and frameless variants and provide powerful and yet low noise cooling with efficient and even airflows.

High adaptability with a tangle of switch options

With more than 70 series of push buttons and switches, as well as more than 1500 moulding options, adaptability is no challenge to meet your specific needs in your applications. Push buttons from Onpow are a suitable choice with several decades of experience in the development and production of electromechanical switch technologies.

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