At Hans Buch, we offer a unique all-in-one solution with customised HMI from an experienced business partner and supplier. By working with us, you get transparent communication throughout the entire production and development phase.

Put together your unique interface setup with a tailor-made HMI solution that gives you a large range of customisation options adapted to your applications. With a supplier with several decades of experience, you get personal and transparent communication throughout the process and with all relevant and latest technologies available.

Tailor-made development of all-in-one HMI solution

We create the perfect framework for a complete interface that best encapsulates all your needs for access and control via e.g. biometric technology, keyboard, or touch screen.

Get full control, management and overview with unique customisations that connect all your devices in the application with a display, panel, or controller. At Hans Buch, you get a ready-made solution that fulfils all wishes for e.g. touch functions, buttons or other controls and visual information elements.

In-depth and broad knowledge of all relevant HMI technologies with more than 40 years of experience

Hans Buch collaborates with Printec-DS, which specialises in customised HMI solutions, guaranteeing you a technical product consultant with decades of experience and with the latest technologies.

With customised HMI from Hans Buch and Printec-DS, you get a solution that is designed to be fully integrated into your application, and we offer guidance right from the start-up and concept phase until the key is turned on your application.

Personal and transparent communication in all development and production phases

At Hans Buch, we want to enter a partnership where your satisfaction is our highest priority. We believe in involving you in every step of the process so you can feel comfortable with every choice you make throughout the manufacturing phase. Therefore, you always get personal and transparent communication, which ensures that all the needs and wishes for your application are met.

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