RIVERTRACE produces a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships. Smart Cell Bilge Alarm – Simultaneously monitor fuel oil, diesel and emulsions. Smartsafe ORB – Avoid the oil record errors arising from manual entries and log variations. Smart PFM 107 Oil-in-Water Monitor – Auto cleaning methods ensure accuracy is maintained at all times. SmartSafe Bilge Overboard Security System – Cost-effectively prevent illegal discharge and demonstrate MARPOL compliance. Smart ODME – Monitor, record and control ballast discharge to MEPC 108(49) requirements. Smart 50M – Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor – Accurately determine the concentration of oil and solids in the stream. OCD 50M Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor – Detect small quantities of oil at high temperatures.

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